Evidence Based Research

Evidence Based Research (EBR)

EBR is a research, development, and analysis company that focuses on supporting efficient and effective decision making. The company uses extensive scientific, technical, and intelligence expertise to develop relevant, insightful, and effective solutions to critical issues. Since its founding in 1987, EBR has completed hundreds of successful projects for government, private sector, and international clients, including better approaches to command and control for coalition missions ranging from warfighting to peacekeeping and disaster relief; acquisition of actionable competitive intelligence; valid and reliable measurement of organizational and institutional performance; modeling complex phenomena such as irregular warfare and future information technology architectures and systems; designing and executing experiments that link emerging ideas to practical innovation; as well as tracking and forecasting political, social, and economic trends.

A wide variety of clients from around the globe call on EBR for strategic consulting and for solutions to both time-sensitive and long-term challenges. EBR’s plan of attack starts with a firm grasp of existing research and knowledge (saving both time and money) and the development of a coherent approach that identifies what additional knowledge and evidence are needed and how to obtain them. This design is implemented rigorously (and updated as the challenge is illuminated) in order to produce cost-effective products and services.

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